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Who are the Gods? [message #1991] Tue, 15 January 2013 20:55 Go to next message
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Denver Snuffer recommended reading Abraham 3 and 4 to understand the "Adam-God Theory". I did that a few days ago, and though I didn't find anything that supports the theory, I did make a couple of interesting discoveries. Here are some of the questions I came up with:

1. Who are/were the "noble and great ones" referred to in Abr 3:22-23. How come Abraham didn't see them all?
2. What were the "noble and great" assigned to do? Abr 3:24-26 (does verse 26 belong here, or should I stop at 25?)
3. Who are the "Gods" referred to in Abr 4:1?
4. Who sits on this council? D&C 121:32. Who sat on it during Abraham's life?
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1. The Noble and Great Ones were those who proved to God they would follow Him in all circumstances. The second half of the question is one of grammar. It could also be read "He saw many noble and great ones among the multitude of spirits.

2. There is two parts to the assignment. The first is to assist in the creation of the world. The second is to assist in the testing of mankind. (See Alma 13)

3. It seems to answer itself. "the Gods, organized and formed the heavens and the earth." The Noble and Great Ones, of whom Abraham was one before his birth, are the Gods referred to here. Keep in mind that both Jehovah and the Holy Ghost achieved Godhood prior to their mortal experience.

4. The Council of the Gods is a difficult concept to comprehend. I don't feel comfortable giving a complete answer here. Perhaps someone else does.

- Dragon
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I'll take a crack at 3 of your 4 questions, in the context of your following statement and also in conjunction with Dragon's answers:

zephyr wrote on Tue, 15 January 2013 19:55
Denver Snuffer recommended reading Abraham 3 and 4 to understand the "Adam-God Theory".

1. Michael was one of the noble and great ones.
2. Michael was assigned to create the earth.
3. This leads to a syllogism:
  • Major premise: "the Gods . . . organized and formed the heavens and the earth" (Abr. 4:1).
  • Minor premise: Michael helped organize and form the heavens and the earth.
  • Conclusion: Michael is one of "the Gods".
4. That scripture is not in Abraham 3-4, so I won't address it at this time.

As I've written elsewhere, I don't think things are "all or none."
The scriptures state we are gods. The important part (to me) is to what degree.
I believe the premortal Jehovah was 100% God.
I was probably premortally eking out at around 0.00000001% god.
Whatever level of light Michael had (99%? 100%?), it was high enough for him to be classified in Abr. 4:1 as one of the Gods with a capital "G".
the in the mind of Dian Wei is to secretly complain of hard lot [message #2962 is a reply to message #1991] Sun, 04 May 2014 14:33 Go to previous message
t, but obviously the Cao manifests of attention already complete drive Dian Wei to attraction past.Immediately the Cao is ornamental be a pull Cao to hold, hold to shout a way to the Cao:"Father!Father!The child wants to do obeisance the Dian general as teacher!The child wants to do obeisance the Dian general as teacher!"

The forehead of Dian Wei started emitting sweat right after the words sound that the Cao manifests fell, from the memory in know,, Cao's manifesting the teacher in nowadays is a summer Hou Yuan, if oneself really became the teacher whom the Cao manifests, didn't that equal to rob the disciple of the Hou Yuan of summer?Is true if such of words, is the Hou Yuan hating oneself to die that summer?Dian Wei but want a stuffy voice to become rich, if give�ed the Hou Yuan in summer to give offense to, that was consumedly far from good!Thought of here, the Dian Wei will decline right away before signing.Haven't waited Dian Wei to talk, beside of Bian madam but is a Wu to wear mouth a captivating smile and say:"Husband, seldom manifest son is such a to request, the Qie body also feels Dian general thus severe, pour is can good good guidance ornamental son,, save ornamental son all day do nothing, ask for trouble for husband!"

"?"Listen to the Bian madam's words, Cao's holding is also eyes a bright, seem to have the shape that the idea moves on the face, however the taste of Dian Wei unintentionally once swept the D madam of flank of time, is the face that discovers D madam that cold ice up seemed to take out for a while.The action that only takes out is too slight, and soon is again to resume equanimity, with as for the Dian Weis all a little bit doubt their whether himself/herself sees spend an eyes.

The D madam combines and says more what, it is a Cao and hold to start stretching hand and touch touch his/her own beard to pour, saw to is to think greatly of very much to the Bian madam's proposal, don't see Cao ornamental age not old, can toss about, but is let the Cao hold and have a headache all really.Is previous although give Cao ornamental sought a summer the Hou Yuan is teacher, summer the soldier of the Hou Yuan duty very busy, in addition to taking time to point out the skill in martial arts that the Cao manifests all of a sudden to basically have no the tube in time to teach, this also caused Cao ornamental to make open more and more, in addition to the Cao holds and Bian madam, almost no one can take care of live him!The personality of Dian Wei is cool-headed astringent, and the former behaviour is also extremely cool-headed and careful, is taught Cao by him ornamental, perhaps can also give� the temperament that the Cao manifest to twist to come over!Thought of here, the Cao holds is also not from must order to nod, become overdo to hope to Dian Wei, say with smile:"If the ornamental son can get advising of Dian general and pour is also his luck, be don't know whether general would like to?"

18 chapters do obeisance teacher

Chapter 19 son

Hear the Cao hold so on saying, the in the mind of Dian Wei is to secretly complain of hard lot,, Cao eldest brothers all said so, the Dian Wei can also toward his/her own immediate superior says not?Is helpless under, Dian Wei also can be toward Cao to hold to embrace a boxing to say:"Since lord Mr. don't abandon an end to be a boorish, the end will would like to also be Mr. for lord to help!"

See the Dian Wei promise, the most happy of, nothing is better than manifested at the Cao, the Cao manifested of two eyes be immediately putting naked, directly be jump, towarding the Dian Wei is to shout a way:"That is again good however!General!Take me to experience your skill of knowledge quickly!"

"Ornamental son!Commit tomfoolery!"Although the Bian madam smiles Ying Ying on the face of, still kept reprimanding angrily to 1 in:"The Dian general was your teacher at present, you should to Dian general your respectful name a teacher!How could such impoliteness?The gift still not and quickly kowtowed toward the Dian general line!"
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