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Baptism of the Holy Ghost [message #1980] Tue, 15 January 2013 14:45
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On my mission we had found a wonderful family that held a lot of promise of becoming members of the church and a strong future leader there. One evening, after dark, my senior companion and I were hurrying to make it to an appointment with this family. We were stopped by two representative of a different church who wanted to call us to repentance. One was a man in his 40's and the other was a teenager of about 16 years. They began to tell us we should not pray to Joseph Smith, the golden plates were inspired by the devil, we needed to understand the Bible better, and other things. Then the oldest one said he was going to pray for the salvation of our souls and that we would see the errors of our beliefs.

The more they spoke to us, the more we could feel darkness and coldness pressing around us. They invited us to pray on our own behalf. I finally had enough. They were doing nothing except invite an oppressive spirit there and make us late for our visit. I hadn't learned the local language very well yet, but I was determined to do my best to set them straight. I started to raise my right hand to the square. My senior companion got really concerned what I was thinking of doing and tried to pull my arm down. In English, I told him it was alright, I wasn't going to do anything rash.

With my hand raised to the square, I started to bear my testimony to them. As soon as I opened my mouth, I felt a fountain of warmth and light pour down upon me like hot oil. It entered through the crown of my head and washed entirely through me to the soles of my feet, and then rushed back up my body to the top of my head. Where I had been shivering a moment before, I now felt warmth, security, and calm throughout my whole being. I sensed the cold and darkness immediately disperse from around us. I told them that they were wrong - we were representatives of the Lord, Jesus Christ. He had sent us there to help teach people his true Gospel with His power and authority. I told them Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, that the Book of Mormon was the word of God, and more. By the time I had finished, both of them had shrunk back from us and were standing behind the shadows of the street lamp.

The next day, we were walking somewhere and saw the same two people walking towards us on the sidewalk. When they saw us, they cut across to the opposite side of the street to avoid getting close to us. I think they must have felt something pretty tangible the night before!


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