The Purpose of This Website

The Purpose of This Website

          This website is designed as a spiritual hub and connection point for all seekers of truth. Elliaison will not, as much as reasonably possible, stop anyone from posting their thoughts, comments and articles regardless of view point.

          Because all view points are welcome here, it is the responsibility of the reader to choose what they will read and what they will not read. Elliaison will make no effort to limit points of view from being shared even those which disagree with the church or their own beliefs. Elliaison believe that God and Truth can stand firm in the searing light of scrutiny while error and darkness cannot.  The purpose of this site is to discuss the truths we have found, the truths you have found and the truths we are all searching for.

John Taylor - Eternal Truth

Teachings of Presidents of the Church: John Taylor, Chapter 23: Eternal Truth, page 209

This site was created in the spirit and principles taught by the seeker of truth, John Taylor, who said the following remarks:

          In regard to our religion, I will say that it embraces every principle of truth and intelligence pertaining to us as moral, intellectual, mortal and immortal beings, pertaining to this world and the world that is to come. We are open to truth of every kind, no matter whence it comes, where it originates, or who believes in it. Truth, when preceded by the little word "all", comprises everything that has ever existed or that ever will exist and be known by and among men in time and through the endless ages of eternity. And it is the duty of all intelligent beings who are responsible and amenable to God for their acts, to search after truth, and to permit it to influence them and their acts and general course in life, independent of all bias or preconceived notions, however specious and plausible they may be.

          If any person in the religious world, or the political world, or the scientific world, will present to me a principle that is true, I am prepared to receive it, no matter where it comes from.

         We are after the truth. We commenced searching for it, and we are constantly in search of it, and so fast as we find any true principle revealed by any man, by God, or by holy angels, we embrace it and make it part of our religious creed.

          A man in search of truth has no peculiar system to sustain, no peculiar dogma to defend or theory to uphold. He embraces all truth, and that truth, like the sun in the firmament, shines forth and spreads its effulgent rays over all creation. If men will divest themselves of bias and prejudice, and prayerfully and conscientiously search after truth, they will find it wherever they turn their attention.

          If there are any good principles, any moral philosophy that we have not yet attained to, we are desirous to learn them. If there is anything in the scientific world that we do not yet comprehend, we desire to become acquainted with it. If there is any branch of philosophy calculated to promote the well-being of humanity, that we have not yet grasped, we wish to possess ourselves of it. If there is anything pertaining to the rule and government of nations, or politics, if you please, that we are not acquainted with, we desire to possess it. If there are any religious ideas, any theological truths, any principles pertaining to God, that we have not learned, we ask mankind, and we pray God, our Heavenly Father, to enlighten our minds that we may comprehend, realize, embrace, and live up to them as part of our religious faith. Thus our ideas and thoughts would extend as far as the wide world spreads, embracing everything pertaining to light, life, or existence pertaining to this world or the world that is to come.

          There is no man nor set of men who have pointed out the pathway for our feet to travel in, in relation to these matters. There are no dogmas nor theories extant in the world that we profess to listen to, unless they can be verified by the principles of eternal truth. We carefully scan, investigate, criticize, and examine everything that presents itself to our view, and so far as we are enabled to comprehend any truths in existence, we gladly hail them as part and portion of the system with which we are associated.

          If there is any truth in heaven, earth, or hell, I want to embrace it; I care not what shape it comes in to me, who brings it, or who believes in it; whether it is popular or unpopular, truth, eternal truth, I wish to float in and enjoy.


          This site is for seekers of truth and not supporters of dogmas, religions, current or past church doctrines, theories, creeds, or groups. If you do not want to see and consider others points of view, this site is not for you.

          We encourage all visitors to consider all viewpoints with the intent to find the truths behind each one. By "Believing all Things" we thwart Satan's ability to keep us locked up in the dark chains of unbelief which have prevented us from finding great soul freeing truths that abound everywhere.