Put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.

Welcome to the Elliaison Website

This site is a temple.  It is a school of the Prophets.  It is a holy place in which we share and discuss our most sacred experiences.  We welcome you to join us in the spirit of love, peace and equality.

Elliaison.org functions as a non-profit effort to these ends:  The information contained on this website is provided with the hope and intent that the reader will come closer to God and learn to walk in the footsteps of the prophets, relying on personal revelation and the sweet witness of the Holy Ghost to verify and teach all truth.

It is the goal of the authors of this site NOT to stand between the reader and God, (for ultimately no man can), but to provide new insight that will assist seekers in their own search for truth.

In short, this is a sacred place.  We invite you to take off your shoes and enter our Temple.  Come here to learn.  Come here to share.  But come in the spirit of love, peace, humility and joy.